Stores and Auctions

KWFitzner Wholesale

I import and buy stock from wholesale distributors, auctions, flea markets and estate sales. I resale directly to small shops, by consignment or leasing shelf space. Also I resale online, at Highway yard sales, and occasionally flea markets and other events.

Currently I consign stock or lease space in these locations:

  • Burnt Mountain Trading Company, Jasper GA. Antiques, Damascus Steel Knives, hats, home decor.
  • Burnt Mountain is opening stores in Elijay and Blue Ridge. I will be leasing shelf space for Damascus Steel.
  • Finders Keepers, Cartersville, GA. Damascus Steel Knives

Highway Yard Sales:

    Dixie Highway Yard Sale. My brother and I usually aet up for this just north of Calhoun near the airport.

    Highway 411 Yard Sale. I will probably set up in Fairmount, GA at the Barn Sale this year.

    Highway 136 Yard Sale. Hoping to find space at the Hwy 41 or the Hwy 411 intersection next year.



Bonanza - Southern Antique and Flea Market


IE8 - Internet Explorer 8 Blog
North Georgia Flea Markets - Current project.

Web sites under construction: Currently in the development stage.

Other Projects - A manufacture of ultralight backpacking equipment. I have been editing, adding a custom search engine and doing other maintenance.

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